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The ‘BurbWatch Project, Update 24/6/2011 …

Have really not had much spare time lately (and limited internet access!)

So…Burbwatch has been updated…but only at the new http://www.burbwatch.com.au trial site … (the WordPress Burbwatch takes MUCH longer to upload, and I was short on time (again), so chose the quicker option!)

The ‘BurbWatch Project WordPress site will be updated as soon as I can get around to it (should be within the week…)

For those of you that can, go the .com.au site if you wish, else please wait for the WordPress site update.

No time for a commentary on what’s new, etc, for now, sorry – will do that when I update the WordPress site!

Cheers for now,


Remember: please go to http://www.burbwatch.com.au for now…

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  1. Lefty
    July 3, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Hi Stewart.

    I was just wondering if you have or know where I can get housing and rental data for Gladstone, QLD.

    As you know, our small industrial city is on the cusp of it’s next industrial boom, but this time I feel that the costs will outweigh the benefits due to the FIFO phenomonen. The biggest negative effect (for anyone whos isn’t a landlord, investor, RE agent or mortgage broker) will likely be the surge in land, housing and rental costs. This is likely to impact significantly on the 75% or so of the population here who do NOT earn the big money in the resource sector. A relative who works for a local mortgage broker walked away unimpressed on the weekend when I made my feeleings known after the frustration of years of listening to their endless spruiking about how ever-rising property prices are such a great thing.

    I want to be able to keep a close eye on property and rental prices in my area as I feel that the negative effects of such prices spiralling as landlords and investors race to grab their share of the pie, gold rush-style will make the impact here in Gladstone one of the more dramatic in the country (especially at a time when prices are falling elsewhere).


    • Lefty
      July 4, 2011 at 4:46 am

      Hello, hello – here’s uber-bull Micheal Yardney sounding decidely less bullish – http://www.propertyobserver.com.au/residential/eight-sure-fire-ways-to-lose-money-in-property/2011070450693.

      “Eight sure-fire ways to lose money in property” says the title of Micheal’s article. And guess what way number eight is?

      “8. Investing in mining towns.

      Yes I know we’re going through the mother of all resources booms and mining towns will grow in the future. But if history repeats itself, and it usually does, the property market in these towns will be driven by speculative investors. While there are likely to be some short-term booms, property prices in these towns tend to be very volatile. Don’t believe me? Try selling your property in one of these towns today and see if you find any buyers”.

      Hmm – regarding the last sentence, he obviously isn’t talking about Gladstone. Not yet. I suspect he’s talking about all the mining towns which have already played host to large FIFO workforces for some time. Where local economies have been squeezed by parasitic property speculators and greedy local landlords who have inflated the cost of living beyond what people on ordinary incomes can reasonabley afford, even as the FIFO’s fail to add any great amount to local demand by flying their wages back home with them again instead of spending them locally as a more settled workforce would do.

      Very interested to find out how much of the local house building/ rennovating activity is speculative in nature – I’m not aware of any surge in jobs for locals that would justify the amount of new houses being built and vacant blocks being sold. (I’m aware that the great majority of investors purchase existing dwellings rather than building them but perhaps that situation might not hold here at present, with investors from down south believing that they will rent/sell any dwelling they build for squillions)

    • July 6, 2011 at 4:08 am


      I don’t personally have any specific data for Gladstone.

      You could look for data at, say SQM Research, under the relevant postcode(s), to get sales and rental listings history, etc

      eg. consider these links for Gladstone (4680) at SQM:




      Heaps of great data there.

      If, however, you’re after BurbWatch-type data and presentation, like I said, I don’t have it, but could start collecting it for you, if you wish (I am writing automation for BurbWatch, currently), and I coulod feature it as a “request” at BurbWatch, if that would suit. If so, just give me a couple of weeks to get it all together, so that we can start tracking a wide-array oif info for Gladstone.

      In truth, i’ve been REALLY wanting to do regional-level (sub-state) data, trends and charts for months now, and I have actually already started, but the workload is too high, and I am leaving it until the automation is finished, to “roll out” regional stats…..but putting together a special program for Gladstone should not be too much trouble, honestly, so i’m happy to do that for you.

      Further, custom requests was actually another reason I originally setup BurbWatch, but, again have been constrained by time….i’d do it full-time if i could, but that would take some time and effort, without any guarantee of cash-flow!!


      No, other than already available info from other sources (eg. SQM), i do not have any specific Gladstone info.

      But, I would be delighted to put it together for you over the coming weeks – I’ve been wanting to anyway (have completed NSW and QLD data collection automation, thus far!)

      Hopefully the BurbWatch info will give you a good feel for your info, once it is up and running (though, initially, i might ask you to produce and manage the actual charting, if you think you could manage that! Automatic charting would be done eventually, but for now, I can’t afford too much more time on producing BurbWatch charts, as much of my spare time these days is directed towards family stuff and automating BurbWatch…think you could handle that?? I’d love the help…)

      If you’re interested in helping out, please send me an email at: burbwatch@gmail.com


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